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Sexy Texy

This is why chicks dig the long ball:

Tex.swing.jpgThe crack of the bat, when you know for sure that it’s gone, is one of the coolest sounds ever. Tonight, Mark Teixeira went yard twice, one from either side of the plate. A-Rod also hit a bomb. It was nice to see the two of them jumping on some pitches.

The defense was great behind Pettitte tonight. I am lovin’ Ramiro Pena and Francisco Cervelli. And Texy gets the gold star because in addition to his two jacks, he also made a couple of great plays at first.

And, although, he gave me a minor heart attack at the end, I love that Phil Coke got the save. I’ve actually been pulling for him  – out of all the bullpen guys in there – because I think he can be really good behind Bruney and Mo. He’s definitely a work in progress. It was nice to see him strike out Justin Morneau in convincing fashion in the eighth.  

Last year, nobody could get it going at the same time as anybody else. This year, it’s so much fun watching different players contribute in bunches. I’m looking forward to seeing them play in person in July.

PS: If you have some time on your hands, check out the clip of CC, Swish, and Bruney fishing from Yankees on Deck on YES.  Bruney is the Trout Master, apparently. Swish, like my husband and Joey on Friends, just wants to sit around eating sandwiches.

Searching for Positive Signs


I know Mark Teixiera said last night that he doesn’t care about having quality at-bats if they don’t lead to hits and runs.  But I do. My hopes for this season are currently hibernating; not dead, mind you, but just waiting for the thaw.

And that means that Teixiera almost hitting it over the wall about six or seven times this weekend counts as good news.  Here’s the reality check part: I know he’s frustrated, but in all honesty, he’s missing on these pitches by inches. It shouldn’t stay that way for the whole year.

I was also impressed that Ramiro Pena got some hits against Justin Verlander, who woke up yesterday and decided to be Justin Verlander again. As a fan of good pitching in general, I have missed him ever since his body was taken over by a crappy clone last year. Pena, though, wasn’t intimidated. I like that – considering all the Yankee veterans were.