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Too Many Cooks…

I can’t really get into what happened last night because the game itself was pretty infuriating in a number of ways. I don’t know why particular problems keep popping up against the Sox. But I do know this: people are basing their supposed “solutions” on the Yankees’ record against a single team. When has that ever helped a team improve over the entirety of its schedule?

I’m not saying that I’m immune. I do the same thing all the time: when the team looks good, everyone’s great!  When it looks bad, let’s blame A-Rod, Girardi, Swisher, Damon’s arm, Matsui’s knee, Dave Eiland, the bullpen, A.J., Posada, Kate Hudson, the water cooler, the security guard that bumps Pap Smear’s fist everytime he comes out of the bullpen. (Note: This is just a partial list.)

I realized last night, however, that I loved this team a week ago and I love it now. Sure, the bullpen needs work. Sure, I don’t think it would be a huge loss if they traded Matsui. But you can’t start messing with truly integral parts of the team because they haven’t performed well against the Red Sox.  It’s frustrating, yes, but stuff happens. Sometimes a team has your number for a while.

So let’s take a moment, and a couple of deep breaths, and think about where this team would actually be overall without A-Rod bucking up Teixiera with his mere presence in the lineup; without Swisher and Cano and Melky hitting when other people weren’t; with mix-and-match starters from the minor leagues instead of CC, A.J., Pettitte, and Joba having defined roles in the rotation. My god, do you people remember 2004 – 2008?

The sky ain’t falling nearly as much as you think it is.