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Why Didn’t I Stay on Vacation?

Ugh.jpgLast night, when my husband came in from work, I said: “I really wouldn’t care if they blew up this whole team and started over from scratch.”

Now, I was having a moment of extreme annoyance, and that’s not really how I feel. But I can’t help thinking that the All-Star break cannot come fast enough. Last night’s game against Atlanta was incredibly frustrating. But more than that, it was a situation in which I sat on my couch and thought about all the other things I could be doing just then. And then I decided that I was going to do all those other things for a few days instead of vegging out in front of this train wreck every night.

A-Rod3.jpgYou see, when I was on vacation, it was so nice. We went to Oriole Park at Camden Yards and Citizens Bank Park in Philly. The whole time, I was inspired (and a little envious) at the way these people saw the games as entertainment.  There wasn’t a stressed-out vibe as soon as you walked in the park, like at Fenway or Yankee Stadium. I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great to live in a city where the games don’t really matter? (Note: I realize that Philly fans are just as crazy as we are, but they are enjoying life right now and giving their team a pass because of that World Series thing.)

I also didn’t have access to the Internet, so I couldn’t read all the hand-wringing and whatnot (you know, like I’m doing right now). It was actually quite liberating.

Unfortunately, I am now back to this:
232x308.jpg I think I need the All-Star break as much as they do.

Maintaining Radio Silence for a Bit

I don’t really have much to say today. And I won’t have much to say for the next week or so. I’m going on vacation and will have limited access to the interwebs.  Which is probably a good thing at this point.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be on vacation from baseball, though. My hubby and I are going to Baltimore to see the Orioles play the Blue Jays, and then we are going up to Philly to see the Phillies vs. the Mets. I’m pretty psyched to relax and root for a team I really don’t care all that much about.

Specifically, I’m excited to see Camden Yards. I’m also looking forward to seeing Nick Markakis, live and in person. And, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be?

Markakis2.jpgBut, really, I can’t wait to watch the Phillies. Why is that? I don’t know. I mean, I love Ryan Howard. But besides that, I just think they are a team I could get behind if I had to root for someone else (the Twins and the Cardinals also appeal to me).  My husband, in that awesome way that he has, is determined to get his picture taken with the Phillie Phanatic. We’ll have to make that happen.

So, until I return with tales of non-Yankee baseball adventure, I will just say that I am touched by the support Chien-Ming Wang is receiving from his teammates.

I hope Mariano has his planned chat with him and that Wang regains some of his lost confidence. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to say bad things about someone who seems like such a nice guy.

***UPDATE***: Wow. I don’t even know what tickets I bought. That’s how addled my brain is. The Orioles are actually playing the Mets and the Phillies are playing the Jays. This is why I need vacation. Desperately.