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Delayed Reaction

First of all – who in the world does not love this man?

Mo_smile.jpg I know I’ve said it before, but it bares repeating that Mo is an impressive figure both on and off the field. He seemed confused by the fact that the Yankees would have him throw out the first pitch to last night’s game. Nobody else was confused – they all wanted to give him the standing ovation he deserves.

But I think I sort of had a delayed reaction to the 500th save and all the hoopla surrounding it. I actually got choked up last night with save no. 501. And not because I’m crazy or anything, but because I thought about watching this team in light of the way my grandfathers watched the team and my mother and father watched the team. They all had those players of mythical status that they could say they were lucky enough to watch play: Joe D., Mantle, Yogi, & Maris (my mom’s fave). Of the veterans on the current team, Jeter and Mo fill those spots for me.

I know things are different now. Players’ lives are de-mystified to the point where we have to separate liking the player from the person. But I’m glad I’ve had the chance to root for two old-school type players like them. I always wonder if my kids (should I have any!) will have the same kind of fan experience.

All right, enough sentimental girly stuff. On to a few tidbits that others have mentioned today, but I need to second:

  •   Brian Bruney shaved the catapillar on his upper lip but it didn’t help him any. Also, he apparently went to the Ian Kennedy School of Quote-Giving.
  • Joe Girardi, what goes on in that crazy little head of yours? Phil Hughes is throwing heat, getting outs. Why not bring him out for the next inning? Why, for the love of god!
  • Related to the item above: Phil Hughes has moved into second place on my baseball boyfriends list, knocking Joba down to fourth.
  • As Pete Abraham noted today, somebody’s got to get the fight back into Joba. Get on that, Dave Eiland. I would hate to have to drop him another couple of spots on my totally ridiculous list.Griffey.jpg
  • Ken Griffey Jr. had a sad look on his face last night. He’s not hitting well, but even worse, he looks like the reality might be setting in that he’s not the player he used to be. I feel for Junior. He lost so much time with injuries, and now his age has become a factor. On the upside, he’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer and the first person mentioned whenever someone asks who has/had the sweetest swing in baseball. Plus – great smile.
  • Oh, Nick Markakis, you make me love you more each day.  Although I don’t know what that country at-bat music is all about.

We’re All Like Snowflakes…

So there’s been a lot of internet chatter about this Fox Sports list of hottest baseball players. I agree that the list was lacking, but everyone has a different take and a different idea of what they find attractive. Many female bloggers made their own lists.

Two things always bug me about these lists: 1.) They often ignore players who are not in their 20s, and 2.) they never include Yankees because people just hate the team that much. Also, there seems to be a trend this year wherein baseball announcers keep telling us that players who are 33 and up are entering the geriatric phase of their lives. This bothers me, rightfully, because I’m 34 myself. Shut up, stupid announcers.

I’ve decided, then, that we could all benefit from an appreciative look at some still-very-hot 33+ players, including a Yankee or two.  In no particular order:

1. Derek Jeter (knockin’ on the door of 35)
Jeter1.jpgWill there come a day when Jeter is not hot? I say no.

2. Jason Varitek (37)
Varitek.jpgI think even some female Yankee fans would agree that Tek is a pretty solid hottie.

3. Mike Lowell (35)
Lowell.jpgHe was in the Yankees farm system at one point, so that should make ogling him okay.

4. Andy Pettitte (36)
Pettitte.jpgMaybe this one is just for me, but I think if he were a quarterback instead of a pitcher, every girl would love him to death.

5. Johnny Damon (36)
Damon.jpgThis one’s tough. My brain registers that Johnny is hot, but then I get flashbacks of Red Sox Unshaven Caveman Centerfielder.

6. Ken Griffey Jr. (39)
GriffeyJr.jpgI think Junior has gotten better looking as he’s gotten older. And he has a kickass smile (although not in this picture).

7. Scott Rolen (34)
Rolen.jpgC’mon, now. He’s awesome in the “aw, shucks” kind of way.

8. Ted Lilly (33)
Lilly.jpgHe’s totally rockin’ this suit. For some reason, I also like that he brawled with his own manager while in Toronto.

9. Paul Konerko (33)
Konerko.jpgKonerko has always been a favorite of mine. But when the ChiSox were in the World Series in 2005, I found out that he was born in R.I. and that my dad went to high school with his dad. That just added to my affection for him.

10. & 11. Torii Hunter (33) and Brad Ausmus (40)


Others had these two on their lists, but I think it bears repeating that Torii Hunter has one of the best smiles in all of baseball, and that Ausmus is ridiculously hot still at 40. Not that 40 is old. If you believe in Oprah then you know that 40 is the new 20.