About Yankees Reality Check

<![CDATA[I've been a Yankee fan ever since I can remember. My father is a Yankee fan. Both my grandfathers are Yankee fans. I went to my first game at the (now old) Stadium in 1985, when–let's face it–New York was not the gleaming jewel of a city it is today. Love doesn't begin to accurately describe what I feel about the team.

Favorite players: Don Mattingly, Willie Randolph, Dave Righetti, Graig Nettles, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mo, Tino Martinez, David Wells, Joba Chamberlain. Probationary Period: Nick Swisher, Brett Gardner, Phil Hughes.

I’ve been to games at Fenway with Yankees gear on, which really wasn’t saying much in 1998 but is taking your life in your hands now.

I was a sports reporter for a short time, covering college basketball. But having been out of the profession for years, I do tend to get agitated with the way sports are covered. So every once in a while, I need a reality check to renew all the things I love about baseball and sports in general. Those things do not generally include stats.]]>


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