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Why Didn’t I Stay on Vacation?

Ugh.jpgLast night, when my husband came in from work, I said: “I really wouldn’t care if they blew up this whole team and started over from scratch.”

Now, I was having a moment of extreme annoyance, and that’s not really how I feel. But I can’t help thinking that the All-Star break cannot come fast enough. Last night’s game against Atlanta was incredibly frustrating. But more than that, it was a situation in which I sat on my couch and thought about all the other things I could be doing just then. And then I decided that I was going to do all those other things for a few days instead of vegging out in front of this train wreck every night.

A-Rod3.jpgYou see, when I was on vacation, it was so nice. We went to Oriole Park at Camden Yards and Citizens Bank Park in Philly. The whole time, I was inspired (and a little envious) at the way these people saw the games as entertainment.  There wasn’t a stressed-out vibe as soon as you walked in the park, like at Fenway or Yankee Stadium. I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great to live in a city where the games don’t really matter? (Note: I realize that Philly fans are just as crazy as we are, but they are enjoying life right now and giving their team a pass because of that World Series thing.)

I also didn’t have access to the Internet, so I couldn’t read all the hand-wringing and whatnot (you know, like I’m doing right now). It was actually quite liberating.

Unfortunately, I am now back to this:
232x308.jpg I think I need the All-Star break as much as they do.