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WTF? I Could’ve Been Washing My Hair

What the hell was that, A.J. Burnett?
A.J._piss.jpgAnd why the hell did every Yankee forget how to hit virtually overnight? More specifically, why was Robbie Cano the only one who looked remotely interested in playing this game?

And what the hell is this?
Asterisk.jpgThis pretty much sums up Red Sox fans, right here. Only in their freakin’ Bud Light-addled minds would it be ok for someone to hold up a sign like this about A-Rod while Papi struggles to hit over .200 (because of his lack of…what, exactly?) and the two World Series they won were on the back of Manny “Manboobs” Ramirez. Seriously? You’re actually going to try to take the moral high ground? For christsakes. Hundreds of colleges and universities in the area and the locals still manage to be a bunch of morons.

Losing My Religion


Here we have my solution to being a Yankee fan.  I tried going all zen last year, but that lasted about a week. This time, I’m sticking to it.

I’m just going to breathe deeply and think positive thoughts. Maybe that will enable me to deal with fielding bloopers;
Pena.jpg the Melky Base-Running Experiment;

and the group therapy necessary for the bullpen and for Yankees hitters with runners in scoring position.
Thumbnail image for Freud finger puppet.jpgJoba’s first inning woes are a whole other entry unto themselves.  But what really pushed me over the edge into a catatonic state was the fact that I had to watch the game on NESN. You’d think my Extra Innings package would entitle me to choose; you’d be wrong. Extra Innings blocks out the YES feed–even though the game is at Yankee Stadium–every time they play the Red Sox.

Usually I don’t mind. Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy can be a highly entertaining comedy duo. But this time around we got stuck with Eck.
eckersley_dennis_1.jpg Good God, that man is annoying in the booth. Obviously, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to pitching, but color commentary is a little more than that. You shound try not to sound like a middle-school girl giggling with her friends and cracking on the nerds in the hallway.

His lack of preparation was irritating, especially when Joba started pitching like Joba and he had to make sure everyone knew that he was shocked, shocked I say, to see that Joba had more than one pitch. Where have you been? Watching games from behind that shaggy 80s hair, apparently.

Everything out of his mouth was either catty or disingenuous, like when he went all Pollyanna about Joba hitting Jason Bay. Yeah, it might not have been an accident. But we’re supposed to believe a Hall of Fame pitcher is appalled to learn that this sort of thing happens? You know what I say to that?  Bitch, please.
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