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Tex Smash!

Angry Tex.jpg

Here’s Mark Teixiera being talked down from the ledge by Joe Girardi after being hit for the second time by Texas pitcher Vicente Padilla. Bad move, Vicente.

On the very next play, Tex slid hard into Elvis Andrus at second to break up the double play. That’s what he’s supposed to do, but he seemed extra intent on flipping Andrus like a pancake. Fine by me. I mean, I’m not big on displays of anger or frustration, but he simultaneously kept the inning going and blew off some steam.

If I’m remembering correctly, this Padilla guy is the same guy Swisher charged and tackled when the Texas pitchers hit him two or three times in a row two years ago, when Swish was with Oakland.  So, no surprise that Padilla’s still throwing at people. I guess, if anything, it’s weird that tonight he was throwing at a former teammate.

Whatever. His coming unglued got the Yanks fired up to the tune of seven runs. Anyone else want to make Mark Teixiera angry? Be my guest.