Bumbling Through Anaheim

In honor of the pop-up-dropping, the hideous pitching, the errant throwing, and the lack of timely hitting that characterized the Yankees-Anaheim series this weekend, I herewith bring to you a list of things I would have rather done than watching them attempt to play like major leaguers:

1. Get a root canal.

2. Opened the door for some Jehovah’s Witnesses

3. Read Vanity Fair’s article about Sarah Palin (as if we haven’t heard enough about her to last a lifetime.)

4. Gambled at Foxwoods (probably would have had better luck than any of the Yankees starters)

5. Watched a bunch of Michael Bay movies

6. Spun around in circles on my front lawn until I got dizzy and passed out

7. Tried on either jeans or bathing suits (when this is preferable to watching Jeter, Swisher, and Joba we have a real problem.)

8. Spent the afternoon riding It’s a Small World at Disney over and over again

9. Cat sit for someone I hardly know. (Now the sarcasm is really coming out.)

10. Sleeping. A nice, deep, peaceful unaware-of-what’s-happening sleep.

Let’s not ever do that again, okay?  

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