Good Times, Good Times…


That there is Joba Chamberlain going horizontal to catch a bunt that was popped into the air. I swear right before this happened I said to my t.v.: “It would be awesome if he bunted it into the air.”  With two men on base and no outs, I wanted outs without moving anybody over. Joba got two. After he caught the ball, he threw to second to catch the runner there off base.
I wish I could find a picture of CC and Andy Pettitte laughing their butts off at Joba’s ‘athletic’ play. That was priceless.

Also priceless for me was watching Nick Swisher come out of his slump a bit. His two-run double just missed being a grand slam.

Nick_Swing.jpgI did think I was going to lose my mind, though, in the sixth when the bases were loaded with nobody out and the Yankees couldn’t score. No matter, though. The boys came through in the end, and Joba went eight strong innings to make it stand up. And he was still throwing 95 in the eighth. I love it when a plan comes together.

So, right at the end of the game, my husband walks in. He had just gotten home from work. YES replays the clip of Joba diving for the ball and he says, “That’s why I felt my desk shake at work.” I am not amused. But not even five minutes later, Swisher is with Kim Jones and says something about the ground shaking when Joba dove for the ball. My husband yells, “See? Even he said it!”

Nick, honey, please stop making it so easy for my Red Sox lovin’ husband to make fun. Thanks.


  1. joejoe146

    Damn, never thought I would see a Yankee and BoSox fans, married. Joba isn’t really that big, 6’2″ 235 lbs.

  2. Yankees Reality Check

    I know! That’s what I keep saying. He’s really not that big. It’s not as strange to see him diving as it would be for, say, CC.
    What can I say about me and my husband? I guess love is blind. He hears it from me too, though, about Kevin “Melon Head” Youkilis and Papelbon. There’s nothing more annoying than being a Yankee fan in Red Sox territory!

  3. Jane Heller

    I was glad for Swisher that he came through. Especially since the Cleveland pitchers just kept handing us walks and we couldn’t convert them into runs! So frustrating. But it all had a happy ending, and the ground did shake. Your husband was right on that one. LOL! I hope Joba isn’t feeling sore today.

  4. Yankees Reality Check

    It made me laugh that he said, “Andy’s probably just mad that he’s not as athletic as me.” Oh Joba, I heart you.

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