Train Kept A Rollin’


Mark Teixeira is quickly becoming The Man.  Then again, everyone on this team seems to be vying for the title. How about Cervelli getting on base any way he can and not being afraid to show off his arm from behind the plate? How about Melky being aggressive in his at-bats? How about Jeter stabbing two hard-hit line drives that were headed straight for his face?

And, of course, CC was kickin’ it.

CC.jpgHe’s another guy who must have that selective amnesia thing down pat. Even after a mistake, he just goes back and tries something else. I guess you can do that when you’ve got a bunch of options in your arsenal.

Other tidbits: 

  • This isn’t Yankees news, but last night Dontrelle Willis (Detroit) pitched well and got his first win since coming back from an anxiety disorder. I’ve always liked Dontrelle, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him to continue doing well. Anyone who knows how debilitating anxiety issues can be should be thrilled to see him get back on track.
  • This trend is somewhat disturbing. Really, Phil Coke? You’re a nice blonde California boy – what are you thinking? Anyway, it looks like the razors are here to stay. I’m still trying to make my peace with this:
Boys (*Sigh*).


  1. Jane Heller

    Did you read that they’re calling themselves the Bullpen Baldies? LOL. Bruney and Coke and Veras (why is he still there) are trying to get Albaladejo to shave his head next. Whatever works. I just want them to get people out! And they shouldn’t even try asking Mo, whose hair is thinning as it is!

  2. Yankees Reality Check

    I’m not sure if bald would be a good look for Albaladejo. I think his head would look tiny in relation to his body. I’d be tempted to say that Tomko could pull it off, though. This coming from a girl with two bald brothers. I never thought they’d be able to pull it off either, but they do.

    I do agree with the “whatever works” philosophy.

  3. bababooey5

    The Yankees lol…. whatever ! they bought Championship years after years ! its pleasant to see the Yanks fails lol….

    signed ; i wanna see my Rangers winning the World serie before i die …… lol… but reality

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