I Think Joba Chamberlain Can Hear My Voice in His Head


Wait…that might not always be a good thing.

Seriously, though? The minute I pleaded with his image on the television to stop nibbling and trying to save his arm strength for innings that might never come; the minute I asked him to please stop trying to be too fine, BAM! He immediately became the old Joba Chamberlain. I tell you, it was spooky.

I’m sure there are other explanations. Maybe he needs a seven-run cushion to feel comfortable. Maybe through the first three innings he was thinking about Guitar Hero and energy-drink, ahem, “models.”

I prefer to think he could sense I was on the brink of switching my full fangirl affection over to Nick Swisher. I mean, who wouldn’t love a guy who hits two homeruns, one from each side of the plate, in consecutive at-bats?

Swish.jpgBut, alas, my heart really belongs to Joba. I think the key to what he has to do is in something he said to Kimberly Jones in the postgame interview. He basically implied that he got pissed at himself and just decided to go out in the fourth and attack the zone. You know how you can tell a drug addict all the bad things about what they’re doing, but they need to hit “rock bottom” before they act for themselves? Here’s hoping that this start helped him snap out of his walk-happy daze.

An aggressive Joba is a successful Joba.  And a successful Joba makes Kristin very happy.


  1. Jane Heller

    I’m sure it was you who got Joba going last night! But I also noticed that Dave Eiland was giving him a pep talk in the dugout and that afterwards he came out smoking. I guess he needs a kick in the butt to remind him to be more aggressive. Just curious: Which of the “It Is High” contributors was your journalism teacher? El Duque?


  2. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane – You know what? I don’t know which one he is. I was trying to figure that out from the nicknames. I’ll have to ask him.

  3. Yankees Reality Check

    Yes – that makes sense. Steve was or is the sports editor. So he must be one of them. Unfortunately, he has mysteriously disappeared from my Facebook friends!

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