My Husband Doesn’t Want to Hear It Anymore, So You’re Going To


Phil Hughes to the rescue!

Lord, this weekend was rough. Sitting in the stands at Fenway when Jason Bay hit that homer to tie it on Friday was no fun.

By the time Saint Ellsbury stole home on Sunday, I was not even remotely surprised. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had crapped purple horseshoes right in front of Posada at home plate. (And I like Jacoby, but the ESPN announcers were paying a nauseating amount of homage to the guy. You would have thought he just walked on water and fixed the economy.)

The most bizzaro-world discussion for me, however, was Joe Morgan saying that the Red Sox prospects on the farm were so much better than the Yankees farmhands.  He explained by stating that Phil Hughes has been a prospect for a whole two years now and it hasn’t worked out for him, but the Red Sox have Clay Buchholz, who has been a prospect for….ummm…about the same amount of time as Phil Hughes! That’s some crack logic there.  But it is Joe Morgan, after all.

The beat writers who cover the team regularly see many reasons for hope and positivity. The entire starting rotation bonded well in spring training. Robinson Cano is back to hitting like we know he can. Swisher and CC lighten up the dugout a bit.  Austin Jackson and Mark Melancon were/are waiting in the wings in Scranton. The national media is just tripping over itself to play up the schedenfraude angle and pretend like not much has changed since 2003.

Look, I understand the Yankees aren’t great anymore. Their bullpen stinks, not because Joba’s not in it, but because the guys in there (minus Mo) blow chance after chance while the young guys are sitting on their hands in Scranton. (Does it really take a 15.00 ERA for Damaso Marte to get Melancon on a plane to New York?)

But it’s not like the Yankees are the bumbling doormats of the American League that people are trying to make them out to be. Apparently, that’s the fantasy of many writers who want to take a provocative stand on something–anything!–and fans who either don’t know baseball or are jealous that their team doesn’t have the same resources. Life’s tough in the capitalism business, you know what I’m sayin’? 

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